Complex Abdominal Wall Construction

Which patients have a complex hernia problem requiring a hernia specialist?

Patients who require evaluation by a hernia specialist include:

  • Patients who have had a failed hernia repair or have a recurrence after their primary hernia repair.
  • Patients with very large hernias.
  • Patients who have a soft tissue infection and/or mesh infection.
  • Patients with exposed mesh.
  • Patients who have developed an enterocutaneous fistula (a connection from the intestine to the skin). Many times these patients also have a mesh infection.

To maximize success, consultation and surgical repair of these problems should be performed by a hernia specialist who has special interest in these problems.

Dr. Roth was trained, during his surgical residency, by a surgeon that was a specialist in repair of these difficult problems. Since that training period Dr. Roth has taken a special interest in these problems and has over 20 year experience in the management and repair of complex abdominal hernia problems.

Almost all complex abdominal reconstruction surgery is performed at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center. At this hospital Dr. Roth has an organized a team that includes operating room staff, nurses, physical therapist, wound care specialist, and pharmacists that are all aware of the special need of these patients. Centralizing the care of these complex patients at one hospital and developing treatment protocols allows use to maximize the success rate for these very serious conditions.