General Surgery

Dr. Roth’s General Surgery practice is focused on hernia, abdominal, breast and thyroid surgery.

Dr. Roth has been formally trained in multiple abdominal operations, and the surgical treatment of complications from abdominal surgery.

When possible, Dr. Roth uses the laparoscopy or robot surgery when performing abdominal surgery to minimize the surgical incision. Commonly large and small bowel resections can be performed with the aid of the laparoscope. Robot surgery is a modification of laparoscopic surgery and can helpful in selective patients.

Common general surgery procedures performed by Dr. Roth:

  • Gallbladder (cholecystectomy) surgery is a very common operation, which can usually be performed laparoscopically.
  • Large (colectomy) and small bowel resections intestinal surgery, for cancer or inflammatory conditions (diverticulitis). This type of surgery general can be completed by laparoscopic surgery.
  • Breast surgery for a breast mass or breast cancer. When possible and necessary these operations can be performed with a plastic surgeon for immediate reconstruction.
  • Thyroid surgery for those patient that have been diagnoses with thyroid cancer or need a concerning mass removed.
  • Removal of soft tissue masses and treatment of pilonidal disease.
  • All difficult cancer problems are generally present to a cancer committee prior to surgery. Dr. Roth follows the NCCN guidelines (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) for cancer surgery.